Mills 50 District, Orlando, FL : [2014] 

The approach for design of this restaurant interior is material based. Using concepts of repetition, modular geometry, and understated simplicity,  We wanted to explore how seemingly mundane and overlooked materials could be transformed into something extraordinary. Modest Manila Rope was selected for natural appearance as well as for its textural and linear qualities. An arrayed set of ropes are draped across suspended structs at regular intervals to create an undulating ceiling canopy that defines the central volume of main dining room. This suspended feature forms the the primary organizing gesture that creates a dramatic and iconic look for the space. An over-sized table at the center of the dining room encourages community dining while reinforcing the central axis and symmetry established by the rope canopy. The lighting reinforces the minimalist aesthetic by utilizing pared-down fixtures with exposed bulbs.  

photo credit | PNT Photography