█   hawkers

Windermere, FL : [2018] 

Capturing the colors, textures, and energy of our client's brand which finds its roots in the street food culture East Asia, the design of Hawkers Windermere is a cultural collage rendered into 3 dimensional space. Special care and detail was given to imbue the space with a narrative and sense of place. Upon entering the restaurant, visitors are greeting by a framed view of the busy open kitchen across the open dining room. The main dining area is made prominent by an array of custom wok pendant fixtures finished in a verdisgris mineral patina complimented by a large scale mural of a mythical and auspicious "Qilin" in complementing tones. A sculptural wall of rolling pins references traditional tools used in the making of noodles; an abstract composition which serves as a dramatic structured backdrop for the grand dining space.  The bar with its crowning steel shelving is centrally located and serves as the epicenter of the floorplan. The situation of the bar adjacent the dining room and outdoor spaces is a practical gesture but also serves as a spatial link between between the two zones. The bar area is outfitted with a pair of large scale folding doors that allow patrons to move seamlessly from interior to exterior. Running the length of the entire restaurant, the spacious patio features areas for lounging and al fresco dining. The sequence of spaces is designed in progression of experience from public to private; the main dining hall with the open kitchen evokes the energy of a busy urban street. In contrast the bar area with its smaller scale moments is designed to encourage conversation and gathering at a more intimate level. The sequence culminates with a private dining room intended for special functions-- a richly saturated space designed as a nod to Shanghai parlors of the 1930s - a uniquely stylish blending of eastern aesthetics and motifs with western sensibilities.