█   hawkers

Neptune Beach, FL : [2017] 

Inside & Out:

Situated within a thriving seaside community that has direct access to the water, Hawkers in Neptune Beach needed to be a space that actively engaged both the community and the outdoors. The restaurant space is highly permeable with direct access to an open air courtyard and a covered patio space that parallels the main street promenade of Atlantic Blvd. In an effort to invite views into the space and capitalize on bustling day-to-night activity of the streets, great care was taken maintain a high level of visible transparency through generous glazing and unobstructed site lines. The main dining room features a long banquette and seating that is organized to draw focus back towards the open kitchen. Rendered in glossy ceramic tile and sleek stainless steel, the kitchen contrasts the textures of reclaimed wood and patinaed steel used prevalently in the dining room. Recalling the historic tradition of neon used to advertise businesses along Hong Kong’s iconic Nathan Road, a neon sign bathes the dining room in a warm orange light while bearing the Cantonese colloquialism that announces “it’s time to eat.” Serving as a major programmatic component, the bar is positioned so that it can service patrons both inside the restaurant and outside on the patio. Balancing utility and playfulness, the severity and visual weight of the bar’s steel shelving is juxtaposed with a colorful collage of vintage Asian posters. Curated found objects and vintage artifacts are displayed throughout the space and set the cultural tone for the restaurant’s pan-Asian food. These objects add a layer of handcrafted tactility and sincerity that aligns with Hawkers’ approach to cuisine.

photo credit: PNT Photography