█  frosty fox

Gainesville, FL : [2019] 

Contemplative and orderly, the design of this space presents a clean and unassuming palette that invites one to clear one’s mind and focus on the experience of the present. The simplicity of the design reflects the cafe’s philosophy towards honest ingredients and freshly crafted drinks. A curved counter greets customers with its gentle form and leads the eye into the bright space. In sharp contrast to the curvalinear counter, a suspended shelf of blackened steel offers a storage and display solution while also lending a separation and privacy to the seating area beyond. Patrons are encouraged to stay and relax. Seating offered at varying scales and heights is intended to accommodate the individual as well as small groups. There is ample space to lounge, study, converse and connect in this small but generously programmed space.

‘The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.’ - Felix Mendelssohn


photo credit | Chad Baumer Photography