█   domu, st. johns towncenter

As a concept originally developed in Orlando in a community-centric location, it was important to introduce a "neighborhood feel" that would echo the successes of the first Domu store. GDP set out to develop a space that was bright, inviting, artistic and comfortable. 

Conceptually, the 2 adjoining spaces for bar and dining are volumetrically minimal, punctuated with moments of visual interest through the use of  bold patterns, subtle shifts in surface texture, and repetition. White and black geometric ceramic tile was selected as a focal material to break up the vertical surface of the bar while adding scale and texture. Wood slats and constructed beams establish a sense of measured rhythm and bring  warmth to an industrial material palette. Gleaming fixtures of brass contrast cool surfaces rendered in ceramic tile, whitewashed brick, and concrete. Collaborations with several local artists and artisans result in a dynamic synergy that breathes a critical dimension of life to the community-centric space. Carefully curated furnishings, fixtures, and finishes all lend a crafted feel that mirrors the restaurant's philosophy towards food.   





Domu, Jacksonville, FL : [2018]