█   bento asian kitchen

Kissimmee, FL : [2019]

Point, Line, Plane, Volume:

The concept of form begins with four primary elements that stem from each other. A point extended becomes a line, a line extended becomes a plane, and a plane extended becomes a volume. This space celebrates each of these fundamental elements in relation to each other to express texture, dimension, and form. The design suggests an abstracted landscape

Recalling the density and rigid verticality of a bamboo forest, an ephemeral chandelier prominently occupies the lofty double height dining space. The warmth of kiln dried bamboo is echoed by blonde woods and bright brassy tones throughout the linear dining space. The gridded arrangement of the pendant lights in the chandelier piece are echoed by the cast glass wall sconces at the rear wall. A long crimson banquette organized along the length of the space is a gesture of efficiency and lends visual order. Horizontal planes rendered in cool slate and pure white represent the boundaries of ground and sky. A miniature rock garden reinforces the notion of the interior landscape while paying homage to the Japanese “karesansui.“

photo credit: Chad Baumer Photography