█  domu chibi

Orlando, FL : [2018] 

With its restrained materiality and juxtaposition of rectilinear and curvalinear form, Domu Chibi is an example of our interest in intelligent and sustainable design. The design investigates the application of technology in the fabrication of architectural environments. A simply curated palette featuring recycled and renewable materials composed in a thoughtful design allows one to fully appreciate the inherent beauty and potential of each material. Drawing inspiration from the soft curves and linear arrangement of freshly cut ramen noodles, the ceiling design features an array of maple plywood baffles contoured in succession to suggest an dynamic undulating surface. Cantilevered tables and thin wire chairs echo the materiality of the ceiling while appearing to float in the dining space, adding to the perception of spaciousness in the narrowly confined space. The open kitchen is framed by sharply contrasting black steel planes that divide the space horizontally while serving functionally as a dining surface and a lighting strategy. Simple cord pendant fixtures and utilitarian wall sconces provide general illumination while imparting an understated quality. Rendered simply in white, the floor and walls act as a clean, harmonizing backdrop to all the components. The result is an immersive interior that brings visual delight and functions with a clear logic.

‘Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject.’ Thomas Mann


photo credit | Chad Baumer Photography